Frequently Asked Questions

What age group does GoHappyPlate cater to?

GoHappyPlate can be used by babies 9 months and up, to kids up to 8 years.

Is the GoHappyPlate set microwave- and oven-safe?

Stainless Steel is not designed to go in the oven or microwave.

Is the GoHappyPlate Set Dishwasher Safe?


Is GoHappyPlate recyclable?

Yes, it is. Please reach out to your local recycling program for options. It might be good to know though, that GoHappyPlate is sturdy enough to last a lifetime!

Where is GoHappyPlate sold?

Currently, only on Please click here to shop.

Who should be contacted for bulk or group orders, and wholesale inquiries?

For larger ordres, you may qualify for a special discount - please use the Contact link to send us a note.